Reddit today announced a great deal for its self-serve advertising platform. The company is donating free ad space to crowdfunding projects; all you have to do is follow the three steps below.

  1. Create an ad using your reddit account: You can choose “link” or “text”. A link ad will link externally to your projects URL and a text post will link to the comment section with your text sticked in a box at the top.
  2. Email Reddit the link to your dashboard with the subject line: “Free Ad!”
  3. Give Reddit a time frame when your project will run, so it can make sure your ad is live while people are still able to donate.

Reddit says it will review the emails and give 100,000 impressions each to the first 250 folks with deserving crowdsourcing projects. The ads will appear on the front page of Reddit throughout the month of December.

Image Credit: Eva Blue/Flickr