Comcast Corporation may make it easier for viewers to purchase and download movies right from their set top boxes and also stream it from the telecommunication provider’s Xfinity website. The Wall Street Journal reports that several Hollywood studios have signed on board to offer new releases (available quickly after they leave the theaters), older movies, and other shows.

This addition would supplement Comcast’s existing on-demand movie offerings and could have the potential to rival the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, especially on the streaming side of things.

As both Hollywood movie and television studios seek to find new ways to stay relevant while also combating the cord cutting phenomenon, perhaps evolving the relationship with cable providers like Comcast will solve that problem. In addition, studios and cable providers can be assured that paying customers are watching it because it would require using the service’s credentials to authenticate.

Reuters states that studio executives are examining ways to bolster revenue as customers continue to move away from purchasing and renting traditional DVDs, a large source of income.

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images