Amazon is seeking to boost the social experiences of its customers who shop on its website by introducing a new discovery feature for those who connect their Facebook account to Amazon. The company announced the launch of this feature via an email sent to its customers.

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Amazon users who have connected their Facebook account will now be able to discover when their friends have reviewed or wished for items they are browsing. Those concerned about privacy can rest assured as only items on public Wish Lists will be visible, and you can also choose to opt out of the feature if you want to.

The e-commerce giant has also made it easier for its users to share the products they purchase, add to their Wish List or review while shopping on Amazon websites — by including the options to do so on the confirmation page.


Amazon is also pulling information from your Facebook likes to curate suggestions of movies, music, books and more for you when you shop on its websites.

Placing emphasis on social discovery is a wise move for Amazon, as it steps up efforts to create a more complete shopping experience for its customers amid potentially tough competition.

Headline image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images