Shoppers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain will soon see far more product listings cropping up in their native language on Etsy and Google Shopping.

Etsy started purchasing Google Product Listing Ads in September 2012, but until now most of them have only been available in English. The number of product listings available in these languages will now be in the millions (instead of thousands) both on Etsy and Google’s paid-only e-commerce platform. Etsy says the roll-out will begin with French and German, followed by Spanish and Italian at a later date.

As part of the move, Etsy is also introducing some new translation tools so that sellers can easily engage with potential customers. When either party sends a message in a language that is different to the recipient’s default setting, a new ‘Translate to’ hyperlink will crop up. Once clicked, the latest correspondence will be translated into one of nine languages, including German, French, English, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian.

Etsy is also updating sellers’ shop statistics pages with a world map view and advice for shipping. “The aim is to help sellers make more informed decisions about how to manage their shop though the provision of visual data and maps,” a spokesperson for Etsy said. “The map tool provides shipping and language settings that will help sellers reach buyers in specific parts of the world.”

Translating the Marketplace in More Ways Than One

Image Credit: Etsy