Amazon Preview gives you a sneak peek at some of its next original TV shows and movies

Amazon Preview gives you a sneak peek at some of its next original TV shows and movies

Amazon has quietly launched Amazon Preview, a new project that gives TV and movie buffs exclusive access to some of the original shows it currently has in development.

The company is yet to formally announce Amazon Preview, but you can already view the site and ask to join the program’s waiting list. The service, spotted by AllThingsD, is free and states in the FAQs that Amazon will be sharing concepts, storyboards, test movies and pilot episodes in exchange for feedback.

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It follows a pilot season that Amazon ran for 14 potential shows earlier this year. Amazon customers were asked to watch the first episode of 14 shows created by Amazon Studios, its division for developing exclusive movies, comics and TV shows. Viewers gave their feedback and a month later, Amazon green-lighted five shows for a full season that would be streamed on Prime Instant Video and LOVEFiLM Instant. Two of those, Alpha House and Betas, will be debuting on Amazon Instant Video later this month.

Amazon’s commitment to audience feedback should, in theory, lead to the creation of better TV shows. Netflix has already attracted critical acclaim for its work on House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, so this is a likely move to ensure its own original content is of a similar, if not higher quality.

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