Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has inked an agreement with SRCH2, an enterprise search startup created by Google veterans, to bring Google-like search-as-you-type capability to future HTC devices — a first for the industry.

As HTC tries to differentiate its handsets from the rest of the market, SRCH2 — whose search solution will be incorporated as part of the operating system — will give its users an improved way of searching for content, locations and people on their devices.

Here are some SRCH2 features that future HTC devices will see:

  • Instant Forward Search: “Search-as-you-type” functionality means users get results with every keystroke on their mobile devices.
  • Rapid GeoSearch: Localized search for places nearby.
  • Error Tolerance: Even if you make typos, SRCH2’s functionality still lets users find what they’re looking for.
  • Ranking customization: SRCH2 lets developers assign weightings to rank results.
  • Real-time updates: Information is indexed as it comes in to the device.
  • All-in-one: SRCH2 doesn’t require custom development.

It is not clear when exactly HTC will start rolling out new devices incorporating the SRCH2 functions, and it may not be that big of a game-changer, but users will probably appreciate the convenience that comes along with minor add-on features such as this.

Headline image via John.Karakatsanis / Flickr