Twitter account @Horse_ebooks is an Internet phenomenon. Its tweets read like spam or junk mail and have always felt randomized or automated somehow. Nevertheless, we’ve all taken great pleasure in reading and sharing the account’s often peculiar musings over the last several years.

The New Yorker revealed today that Jacob Bakkila and Thomas Bender are the creators of the account, as well as the YouTube channel Pronunciation Book.

So that’s it. Case closed. (Or so we think…)

The pair will perform some sort of conceptual-art piece at the Fitzroy Gallery in New York today that weaves the content from these two outlets together, but then they’ll be moving onto a new project called Bear Stearns Bravo.

“No one wants to work on a painting forever,” Bakkila said. “When it’s done it’s done. We’re ready for the experience of whatever this next piece is.”

➤ Horse_Ebooks is human after all (The New Yorker)

Image Credit: Denis Doyle/Getty Images