Springtrax has officially launched its service for finding and fixing 404 “Not found” errors on websites. The company offers regular reports on the state of inbound broken links with suggestions on how to fix the problem.

This isn’t the first company to offer a broken link tracker, but it aims to be the most comprehensive. Springtrax says it can identify inbound broken links from any source, including websites, emails and old bookmarks. According to one case study of a small ecommerce site, Springtrax reduced the number of visitors encountering a 404 error page by 77 percent over the course of a few months.

After all these years, the Web we’ve been weaving has turned out to be a tangled one, and 404 pages are the snags. Springtrax doesn’t do away with the problem completely, but the tool is a step in the right direction.

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Image credit: Brand X Pictures