Motorola officially launches its new line of Droid devices: $299 Droid Maxx, $199 Droid Ultra and $99 Droid Mini

Motorola officially launches its new line of Droid devices: $299 Droid Maxx, $199 Droid Ultra and $99 ...

After sending an invite to press teasing “the next generation” of its “most popular family of devices,” Verizon has announced the launch of three new Droid devices made by Motorola: the $199 Droid Ultra, the $299 Droid Maxx, and the $99 Droid Mini. All three are available for pre-order today, and will ship on August 20th.

According to The Verge, Motorola says the Droid Ultra “is is all about thin,” while the Maxx “is about battery.” The Droid Mini is apparently “compact without compromise.” These devices will serve as a replacement to last year’s line of RAZR products.

Another conference. “Great.”

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All three phones reportedly have a 24 percent faster CPU, a 100 percent faster GPU, twice the RAM, Kevlar backing, and “touchless control,” a feature that we heard would arrive on the upcoming Moto X.

The Droid Ultra features a 5-inch “HD” 1080p display, 2,130 mAH battery, 7.2 MM-thin body, 10-megapixel camera capable of 1080p video and a f2.4 lens.

The Droid Maxx also features a  5-inch “HD” display, 3,500 mAH battery which runs for 48 hours, 32 gigs of storage and wireless charging.

The Droid Mini comes with a smaller 4.3-inch “HD S-AMOLED display,” wireless charging. Clearly battery and performance sacrifices were made with the Mini, but Motorola has yet to reveal the full specs.

Now, while the upcoming Moto X appears to be the main target of Motorola’s affection, the Droid line is getting some love of its own.

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