Lemon has officially announced a new payment network that lets merchants integrate with the digital wallet app to process transactions from its 3 million users.

The Lemon Network SDK is designed for in-app and mobile purchases. Instead of handling payments directly, Lemon will support all US payment processors, such as Paypal, Stripe and Braintree.

The Lemon Wallet app, which is growing by about 1,000 cards an hour, serves as a digital repository for users’ credit card information, so the company’s new payment network will hand off the relevant numbers to either the payment processor or the merchant itself. Merchants will also have the ability to send messages to customers that pay with Lemon.

The payment service is free for both users and merchants, so Lemon will rely on its Wallet Plus premium service for income.

Lemon recruited former Braintree executive Jenna Wyers to serve as its Chief Sales Officer and build out its merchant network. The payment feature will only be available in the US to start out, but the company has plans to quickly bring it to international markets in Europe, South America and Asia as well.

Image credit: iStockphoto