Sony Entertainment Network has cut the cost of an annual subscription to its Music Unlimited digital streaming music service by 65 percent for PlayStation Plus members.

While the service would normally cost UK users a few pence under £120 per year, 12 months – for an unspecified “limited time” only – now costs PlayStation Plus members in the UK and Europe just £41.99/€41.99. US users will pay just $41.99. A one-year PlayStation Plus subscription costs £39.99 in the UK.

However, non-Playstation Plus members can also get in on the reduced cost action, albeit just at not quite so much of a reduced cost, meaning they will have to stump up £59.99 (also the same in € or £) for the same service. Sony noted that while widely available, the offer was not open to members in Brazil, Italy or Japan.

The timing of the announcement is obviously designed to build on the momentum of its PlayStation 4 reveal at E3 on Monday.

However, while Music Unlimited allows playback from the Web, PlayStation 3 and a variety of Sony and non-Sony made smartphones and tablets, the music streaming space is already highly competitive and largely dominated by London and Stockholm based Spotify.

It could also be a move designed to encourage new members to sign up to its PlayStation Plus service, which Sony revealed will be necessary for people wanting to play games online on the PS4 when it is released.

Photo Credit – Getty Images