Following Yahoo’s acquisition, Tumblr has announced the launch of Sponsored Web Posts, which the company claims will “simply blend” into your Tumblr dashboard. This news follows Tumblr’s move to introduce ads on mobile last month.

Tumblr’s move to bring this ad experience to the Web comes with little surprise; Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made it clear that Tumblr would embrace advertising in order to turn the highly popular network into something remotely monetizable.

With the desktop release, Tumblr is once again teaming up with specific advertisers early on. On mobile, Tumblr teamed up with companies like ABC, GE, Pepsi and Warner Bros. Now, companies like Ford, Universal Pictures, AT&T and even Denny’s will soon show up in your dashboard. Additional advertisers include Purina, Capital One and Viacom.


Luckily, the blogging giant appears to be vetting these adverts heavily; the first ad (shown above) takes the form of an animated Gif.

Image credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images