Userfox wants to make A/B testing emails effortless, launches new service and revamped UI

Userfox wants to make A/B testing emails effortless, launches new service and revamped UI

Userfox, a startup which offers email services to help companies retain their users, has debuted a new A/B testing product which greatly simplifies the process of optimizing marketing campaigns.

Userfox first launched back in February to solve the problem of user retention — an issue the creators ran into while running their first company, Vimessa. Now, Userfox is heavily investing in making split testing easy for anyone to explore.

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Of course, it’s long been possible to test and compare the effectiveness of emails, but it has historically required technical know-how to implement. Userfox is setting out to make it so marketers don’t need to rely on developers at all. With this launch, Userfox will compete with major email marketing services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, both of which offer similar A/B testing functionality.

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In addition to the new split testing features, the company is releasing a revamped backbone.js-powered UI, which the company claims is radically faster than before.

Beyond today’s news, Userfox details that the company is planning to implement deep Salesforce integration, “allowing users to push and pull data between their web application, userfox, and their Salesforce CRM.” Userfox is also planning to release a “radically easier integration snippet,” which will speed up the process of getting started with Userfox.

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