In hopes of driving interest in its impending Firefox OS launch, Mozilla is presenting developers with an interesting deal: If you have a great app idea for Firefox OS and you have the skills to build it, Mozilla will send you a phone. A free Geeksphone Keon handset, to be exact.

The Geeksphone Keon is available for purchase now, having launched back in April, but it’ll set you back approximately $120, or €91. Not exactly a steep price point, but Mozilla knows it needs to lure in developers, especially those who’ve already dabbled with the Firefox OS simulator (which recently hit version 3.0) but have yet to make the jump into serious development mode.

As part of the tease, Mozilla is highlighting the advantage of being a “first-mover,” and is even asking developers to port their existing apps to the platform. This is the same argument made by Nokia earlier today for its Asha platform.


If your interest is piqued, you can apply for the program, dubbed “Phones for Apps for Firefox OS.” Not every developer will be selected — your idea has to be impressive. To learn more about Firefox OS, head here.

➤ Phones for Apps for Firefox OS

Image credit: Thinkstock