The takeaway food space is a busy one for startups in Europe, with players like JustEat and DeliveryHero vying for the cash of those looking for an easy way to grab a meal without leaving their chair. Take Eat Easy is a new Belgian startup with a slightly different approach. It’s built a visual search engine centered around dishes.

It’s actually a really neat idea. You enter your address (currently only Brussels is supported) and then you’re given huge images of food you might like. You can browse the selection or narrow it down by type of cuisine. You add the dishes you want to your order, pay and you’re done. It’s almost like a version of (a restaurant-focused app) for takeaways.

Compared to the ‘pick a local takeaway and order from its menu’ approach of JustEat and its ilk, Take Eat Easy’s big images should really make you want to explore new food rather than opt for that old familiar order. Seriously – takeaway food can be so unadventurous. My local burger and kebab place knows my regular order so well that the staff start making it the second I come through the door (oh, the shame). With Take Eat Easy I’d actually be inspired to try something different.


Take Eat Easy has raised a €200,000 ($263,000) seed round from a number of angel investors, including Francesco de Rubertis, Partner at Index Ventures. It currently covers 50 restaurants in Brussels and my mouth is watering at the prospect of it expanding internationally.

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Image credit: Thinkstock