TechStars Chicago, the newly created startup accelerator in the Windy City, has revealed the 10 startups that will participate in its Summer 2013 class. It received more than 900 applications, a figure the accelerator calls a record for its program. All were interested in being a part of the the accelerator’s first class since it was formerly known as Excelerate Labs.

Last February, Excelerate Labs decided to drop its name from its three-year old technology startup accelerator. The reason was that it had formed a partnership with TechStars and the rebrand was an effort to make it more reflective of the location. The organization had, up to that point, been run by two entrepreneurs: Troy Henikoff and Sam Yagan, the creator of OkCupid,, and SparkNotes.

Companies that are accepted into the TechStars program will receive $18,000. Along with that, a $100,000 convertible debt note will be offered by a group of venture capitalists “immediately upon acceptance” into the program. In Chicago, the accelerator has helped nurture 30 portfolio companies that it says has has raised more than $30 million.

Here are the 10 startups for the inaugural class:

  • CaptureProof: A healthcare technology company, it functions as a service to allow patients to securely share their photos and videos with a physician. It also enables physicians to analyze their patient’s health trends and progress from anywhere.
  • HIPOM: A cloud-based solution for parents to help them manage their children’s time spent online. It has a control panel Web page that allows them to turn on/off online access to an individual device in the home at any time, just like using a light switch.
  • Nexercise: This iOS and Android app helps users lose weight and stay in shape. Through close competition, smart alerts, and real rewards, it will help encourage a better lifestyle. The company says it has facilitated 3 million workouts and 100 million minutes of physical activities to date.
  • Pathful: A Web analytics service that captures every visitor interaction with everything on the site — no tagging required
  • Peoplematics: Cloud-based search platform for businesses. Employees receive their own personal cloud in the workplace where they can store and share information.
  • Project Fixup: Matchmaking service that pairs people together based on theme-based dates, like craft beer fixups, sports, etc.
  • SimpleRelevance: An analytics-driven email marketing platform that focuses on personalized digital communication.
  • SocialCrunch: Marketing data provider that leverages the behavior graph of Internet users.
  • Sqord: Calling itself the “Fitbit for kids”, this service promotes active fun for kids by encouraging them with friendly competition and other gamification efforts.
  • TradingView: A financial service that aggregates Web stock charts and helps form a community of investors.

These companies will embark on a three-month program starting on May 28, culminating with a Demo Day on August 28 at the House of Blues in Chicago.

Photo credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images