Meetup passes 100 million RSVPs for its community gathering service

Meetup passes 100 million RSVPs for its community gathering service

Meetup has just surpassed 100 million RSVPs for meetups on its popular local group website.

Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman tweeted the milestone. In 2004, Heiferman helped co-found the NY Tech Meetup, which has over 30,000 members and is notable for being the launchpad for several local startups, including Foursquare.

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The startup’s streaming RSVP ticker currently lists an RSVP per minute rate of about 70, though it’s hardly a peak time right now. It says it has 13.5 million members and 2.69 million RSVPs a month, or about 62 a minute.

Based on data from the beginning of 2012, the company’s analysts estimated a total economic impact of between $100-150 million a year for all meetups on its service.

With a history of over a decade, Meetup is one of New York’s original tech startups. The company has raised over $18 million in funding.

Meetup may have taken over ten years to hit its first 100 million reservations, but at its current growth rate, the company should have no trouble steaming on to its next hundred million.

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