AngelList’s ‘Salaries & Equity’ tool finds the best paying tech jobs, helps you compare compensation

AngelList’s ‘Salaries & Equity’ tool finds the best paying tech jobs, helps you ...

Do you know if your compensation is fair? I’d bet that if you don’t, you would love to get ahold of the information required for you to determine if you are over, or under-compensated. It’s useful data to have.

Happily, the fine folks over at AngelList have compiled a simply excellent set of data in graphable form to allow you to run queries based on skill, role, location, salary, and equity. The data comes from current job listings, so you can see just who is paying what. Let’s have some fun.

All Killer, No Filler

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Here are the job salary breakdowns for developer jobs in San Francisco that involve Javascript:


For a change, here’s equity offerings for designer roles in New York City at companies that focus on mobile products:


If you click on any of the graphs, you are served the list of jobs that are component to the displayed data:


If you work in tech, it’s time to see if the grass has more green somewhere else.

Top Image Credit: ShashiBellamkonda

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