Memolane, a reflective social media service which provides users with a Timehop-esque timeline of their lives, has just announced it is shutting down after operating since 2010 and raising $2.5m, with all data to be deleted within the next 24 hours. Update: We reached out to Memolane CEO and co-founder Eric Lagier and he commented only to say that they cannot share any details about the other company that they’re ‘joining’ at this point.

The San Francisco-based team has shared that it is “joining another company that will utilize the Memolane features in an expanded way, adding more value to all the great memories captured on social media.” At the moment, it is unclear if there has been an acquisition. In addition, Memolane hasn’t shared the name of the other company involved, making this abrupt ending confusing.

In a note to users, Memolane recommended both Timehop and JoliCloud as alternatives. Luckily, the Memolane service merely pulled in existing data, so users wont lose content shared on third-party networks.

We’ve covered Memolane extensively as a competitor to social time machine services like Timehop; we highlighted it as a way to travel back in time, covered its addition of group adventures, and shared its launch back in 2010.

An example of Memolane, showing the company's trip to a San Francisco Giants game
An example of Memolane, showing the company’s trip to a San Francisco Giants game

We’ve reached out to the company and will update this post when we hear back. At the moment, the site is still accepting new user signups.

Image credit: John Foxx / Thinkstock