Branch launches personalized recommendations to make its service ‘even more engaging’

Branch launches personalized recommendations to make its service ‘even more engaging’

Branch has launched a new feature to its service, bringing personalized recommendations online in order to discover discussions involving people they know. The company says that upon logging in, you’ll receive recommendations and see recent activities for those activities for those that watched or viewed your branches, highlighted something you said, or watched or joined your groups.

Backed by two of Twitter’s co-founders, Ev Williams and Biz Stone, Branch is a service focused on helping to form a conversation rather than promoting the rants of a single person. Having opened the doors to the public last week, the service enables anyone to create their own discussion around a specific topic and then invite people to participate and offer their opinion.

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Branch co-founder Josh Miller says that while this new feature is aimed at fostering discovery, it’s not going to be perfect. He believes that the addition of this recommendation engine will help make the user experience “even more engaging — even when you don’t have something to say.”

This change follows recent updates to Branch, which include the addition of its news feed, called highlights, and integration with Spotify and Soundcloud.

Photo credit: RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP/Getty Images

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