Angry Birds pushes Rovio to a new record month as 263m people play its games in December 2012

Angry Birds pushes Rovio to a new record month as 263m people play its games in December 2012

Rovio isn’t content with 1 billion Angry Birds downloads, or the 30 million it saw over Christmas. Building on its Christmas announcements, the company deemed it fit to share a new milestone: 263 million people played its games in December.

That’s right, more than a quarter of a million people are engaging with Rovio titles in some way every month. This includes its iOS and Android apps, but also the Web-based versions that are playable on its website and on Facebook.

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While Rovio doesn’t explicitly state that its Angry Birds that is bringing in the users, we know that Amazing Alex, the iOS and Android title released in July 2012, hasn’t fared as well as its bird-flinging counterpart.

Rovio’s Petri JĂ€rvilehto and Mikael Hed don’t consider the game to be a failure, however.

“Any other company would probably be very happy with the success of Amazing Alex,” said Mikael. JĂ€rvilehto adds: “Once you have more than a billion downloads for a game, it sets a pretty high standard for any game that you release next.”

No matter, when your Angry Birds soft drinks outsell Coca Cola and your working on a feature film to debut in Summer 2016, it’s not all bad, right?

What’s next for Rovio? Rumor has it the company is gearing up for an IPO, and it has said it will push forward with its Angry Birds theme parks (especially in China) and kick on with its franchising.

The company teases “lots more surprises on the way in 2013,” but will we we soon start to feel a bit of Angry Birds fatigue?

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