Amazon has launched a new A/B testing SDK in beta for its Android Appstore and Kindle Fire devices, making it easy for app developers to test and optimize their designs.

This announcement was certainly made in a move to lure in new developers to the Kindle Fire platform, as currently A/B testing, or the process of simultaneously trying out different versions of the same app and tracking the usage results, is technically difficult to do on iOS and requires third-parties on Google Play.

In fact, according to Mike Frazzini, Director of Amazon Games, Amazon believes its “A/B Testing service is essential for developers because it will help offload the overhead costs of building, maintaining and running scalable tests.”

Amazon was also quick to note its other developer offerings, including its GameCircle (competitor to Apple’s Game Center), Kindle Fire Emulator, localization support, developer forums and the newly released Amazon Maps API. Adding to these incentives, Amazon has also shared that app downloads in the Amazon Appstore have grown more than 500 percent over the previous year.

Amazon’s A/B Testing beta SDK is now available for use, but appears to have already been implemented by a number of app developers, including Concrete Software and Difference Games.

➤ A/B Testing beta SDK

Image credit: Pontus Edenberg