Video clipping and sharing service ClipClock, has received a $2.5m investment just a month after its official launch at the DEMO Fall 2012 Conference.

The main idea behind ClipClock, which has offices in Moscow and California, is to bring together video content and social networks, relieving users from the necessity to type things like “Skip to 1:09” when sharing a video with friends. In a Pinterest-like interface, ClipClock allows users to clip exactly the most interesting part of a video from YouTube or Vimeo, annotate it and share through any social channel.

The investment from Runa Capital, which announced funding for another Russian startup, Eruditor Group about a week ago, is to support the developent of new features for both the web version of ClipClock and its iPhone mobile app.

The CEO of ClipClock, Alexey Krainov from Moscow, has experience in working in the telecommunications market as the founder of Mobile Innovations (sold in 2007 to Allianz AG) and as regional director at Vimpelcom, a global telecommunications service provider whose brands are Beeline (ex-USSR countries), Kyivstar (Ukraine), Wind (Italy and Canada) and others.

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Image credit: Thinkstock