Zynga’s founder and CEO, Mark Pincus, has announced that his company will be focusing on mobile in an attempt to further increase the number of users. The mobile platform offers games the greatest opportunity for growth. Pincus mentioned that social gaming was the most engaging across all mobile platforms — Zynga currently ranks fourth with the most time spent overall on applications.

To further support Zynga’s efforts to move more towards the mobile scene, currently, 30% of all smartphone users interact with Zynga games, amounting to 10 billion minutes spent each month. Three of the top five mobile games are owned by Zynga.

Pincus’s plan to grow bookings involve producing more high-end games like Zynga Poker, which is probably related to the company’s partnership with bwin in the UK. It has reorganized its game teams to focus on finding a way to unite web and mobile development of its products.

Beginning in the last quarter, all games that Zynga will be producing will be developed for use on mobile and tablet devices first. Then it will be used for desktop enjoyment.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images