San Francisco-based CodeEval, which offers software solutions to help employers assess and recruit great coders and other technical talent, has been acquired by on-demand digital interview platform provider HireVue.

CodeEval took part in the i/o ventures startup accelerator and mentorship program.

The hacker community startup was co-founded by William Hsu, who previously co-founded Textbo (acquired by Koofers), and former Splunk developer Jimmy John.

Through HireVue’s existing digital interview platform, employers are able to review candidates on-demand before they come in for time-consuming, and often costly in-person interviews.

With the addition of CodeEval, HireVue will offer a fully integrated technical tool to find and assess IT professionals by giving the employer the ability to create programming and coding challenges as part of the interview and evaluation process.

The CodeEval integration comes with coder and programmer challenges that can range from company-specific apps to fairly simple coding algorithms. Its community attracted some 12,000 developers.

Alternatives to CodeEval include Codility, Gild and Interviewstreet.