Getting a virus on your computer can be an awful experience. In many cases, your computer might start doing really horrible things without you knowing, or spam people in your contact list. However, in the case of the DNSChanger virus, you may lose your Internet connection on Monday, the 9th of July.

We told you about the wicked little virus before, but since we’re so close to the 9th, it’s important to bring it up again.

The virus, which re-routes your Internet requests thanks to hacker’s servers, is getting the royal FBI smackdown come Monday, which is when many of those malicious servers will be shut down for good.

Mozilla posted a few tools to help you detect the DNSChanger virus, and fix the issue before it’s too late.

For example, this handy tool only requires you to visit the link. You’ll be shown your status immediately:

If you didn’t get the green light, you can visit this page for instructions on how to get rid of DNSChanger before the 9th, or you might not be able to connect to the Internet.

Before fixing any problems, you’ll definitely want to make a backup of all of your important files, so that they don’t accidentally get wiped out. Get the pictures, documents and videos that you care about and drop them on an external drive, or on an available personal cloud service like Dropbox.

This is your weekend project, folks…so get on it!