I spent some time with the communications team from Square earlier this week, and they told me some fun stories about unique merchants who are using its card reader to accept payments. One interesting story was about a dance studio in the mid-west, which is now saving time and money by accepting payments using the Square app.

To get a bit more social, and share the stories about some of its favorite and unique merchants, Square has taken to Pinterest and is sharing pictures and links to some of those merchants.

It’s a really unique way to show off how personal of a technology Square is and how powerful it is for “mom and pop shops” to be able to accept credit cards for the first time ever. From Etsy sellers to fruit peddlers, everyone seems to be accepting Square these days.

The pinboards that Square has set up display some people swiping their cards, as well as some products that the merchants are selling:

Square’s presence on Pinterest wouldn’t be complete without some photos showing off the culture of the company, 200+ employees and still growing, as well as some of its other products like iPad stands and Register.

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