Well, things keep getting more and more out of hand for Go Daddy today. Not only might it lose a huge customer in Ben Huh’s Cheezburger, it published its official stance in support of SOPA and shut the comments off. I was talking to Ben Huh and he suggested in jest that someone come up with a counter to track everyone who is pledging to leave Go Daddy. He agreed, so I tweeted it.

One awesome reader of The Next Web, Michael Schade, responded and came through with NoDaddy:

The site asks you for your email address, and counts you as someone pledging to yank your domain names from Go Daddy. You’re listed on the right hand side with your gravatar:

Head on over to NoDaddy and support the cause against SOPA and Go Daddy’s stance in support of the act with your pledge.

Hey Michael, maybe should let people list how many domains they’ll take away from Go Daddy so you can show a running tally? We know that Huh’s 1,000 is a good start.