The popular video streaming site Hulu now has over 1 million paying subscribers, its CEO Jason Kilar confirmed to Goldman Sachs investors, reported Reuters on Wednesday.

Kilar had forecast this milestone earlier this year and says that the site has now reached one million and is on its way to exceed that. Hulu launched its subscription service just under a year ago and he has said that it will pull in over 500$ million in revenue this year.

Kilar said that the site will invest $375 million or more in content this year.

Hulu began by offering content from its owners News Corp, Walt Disney co and NBC Universal. Kilar says that it is working on getting content from more providers and sais that he is “cautiously optimistic that we’ll work with everyone over time.”

He had little bad to say about the owners of Hulu, who put up the company for sale earlier this year, sparking rumors of offers from everyone from Google to Apple. Hulu has continued to improve its various products, recently reinstating the HDMI mirroring capabilities of its Hulu Plus app for iPad as well as offering the app on several Android devices.