Apple has violated S3 Graphics Co. patents in its Mac OS X operating system, but not in the iOS platform, a July 1st ruling that has just now been made available says.

The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that OS X infringes on two S3 patents related to graphics chips, Bloomberg says. The commission revealed that certain Apple products were in violation of S3 patents on the day of the ruling, but had not until now revealed which Apple products were in violation.

S3 Graphics Co. was bought by HTC in order to, at least in part, provide leverage for HTC in its patent war with Apple by acquiring patents Apple needs access to in order to keep selling its products. HTC would be looking to use that leverage in the event that Apple successfully prevents them from shipping their own Android devices.

While the ruling on OS X’s violation of S3 patents helps HTC, the exclusion of iOS devices — Apple’s biggest market — reduces the power of that leverage.