YouTube for Android will soon support offline video playback in India

YouTube for Android will soon support offline video playback in India

Google will soon allow Android users in India to download YouTube videos and watch them offline. The announcement was made alongside its first ‘Android One’ smartphones, a new initiative designed to give users a premium, Google-driven experience at cheaper price-points.

“In (the) coming weeks much of YouTube will be available offline in India, meaning that people can store videos in the YouTube app when they are on WiFi and watch them later — a great benefit for times with a slow connection or re­watching videos without using up the data plan,” the company said.

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The move is significant and should make YouTube a more attractive service in India. Not everyone has contract plans with large or unlimited data caps, and so streaming videos simply isn’t an option without incurring charges. With offline playback, Android users can store the videos from their favorite channels so they can be viewed at any time, regardless of their internet connection.

I’m sure many Android users outside of India would love this feature too – it would certainly prove useful for commutes and long-haul flights.

Top image credit: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images

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