The Google app got a vocal makeover for more human-like response

The Google app got a vocal makeover for more human-like response

If you’ve ever tried voice search on Google’s mobile app you’ve probably become quite familiar with the robotic voice answering your queries.

While it gets the job done, the Google app’s old voice lacked a certain human element and, to me, sounded like it was equal parts human and Speak ‘n Spell — if you were talking to said human/Speak ‘n Spell on a cell phone in an elevator.

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Luckily, Google introduced a new voice that’s decidedly more human and a lot less muffled.

The voice now manages to reflect slight bits of intonation as well as a subtle and natural tone that you might use speaking to your best friend sitting next to you in a restaurant. The vocal flexibility allows Google’s search app to make subtle vocal changes to signify a request for clarification or a more direct tone when it thinks it understands the query.

Google’s new voice is live today, so go give it a spin and see what you think.

The Google app got a new voice & we went behind the scenes to learn how it got made on Twitter

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