Google Photos will trigger your nostalgia with new Timehop-like feature

Google Photos will trigger your nostalgia with new Timehop-like feature

Google wants to help you take a stroll down memory lane. The company is today introducing a feature that allows you to resurface photos and videos from the current calendar date in previous years.

The feature is thankfully opt-in, so you won’t have to be reminded of your embarrassing behavior at parties or that old terrible haircut. Once you activate the feature, you’ll see cards in the Assistant view that will showcase a collage of photos, people and places from that date.

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These can then be shared through email or social media, although the photos are kept private until you choose to share.

The feature is reminiscent of Timehop‘s functionality for various social media, although Google’s offering is of course limited to just items stored on Photos. Facebook also introduced ‘On This Day‘ earlier this year, a Timehop clone of its own. That one was a bit more controversial however, given it was automatically turned on; not everyone will appreciate that come Valentine’s Day.

If you do not fear nostalgia trips, the new functionality is already available on the Web and iOS, and is gradually rolling out to Android users.

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