Google’s YouTube has acquired Directr. The iOS app lets small businesses, shoot, edit and upload marketing videos.

The Directr team will join the YouTube Video Ads Team. YouTube will leave the app in the App Store, but make it entirely free. While the initial app is currently free, additional features are available via in-app purchases.

In fact, according to a post about the acquisition, end users probably won’t notice too much of a difference within the app:

For now, everything you love about Directr is staying the same and we’ll continue to focus on helping businesses create great video quickly and easily.

YouTube recently announced the Creator Studio for content creators to boost engagement and help wrangle analytics. With today’s acquisition, it looks like its focusing even more on the creation (and money making) side of the business.

➤ Lights, Camera, Action: Directr is Joining Google [Directr]

Image credit: Rego Korosi/Flickr