Google began naming and shaming internet service providers when it expanded its ‘Video Quality Report’ beyond Canada in May, and now it is taking things further after links to the report began surfacing alongside videos for some visitors to the site.

Quartz reports that — taking its cue from Netflix — the Google-owned company is dropping links to the report into videos that it believes are suffering at the hands of an ISP’s slow network, as the screenshot below shows.

screen shot 2014 07 04 at 10 13 16 pm 730x580 YouTube is now publicly shaming internet providers that make its videos slow [Updated]

The report does not cover a large number of countries at this point, so the joys of shaming aren’t available to all of us worldwide — but with two of the biggest names in online entertainment on the case, it will be interesting to see if others step up to make ISPs more accountable.

Update: A YouTube spokesperson told Recode the blue bar was “about educating people, not shaming ISPs,” although it’s fair to say the effect may well be the same.

YouTube, following Netflix, is now publicly shaming internet providers for slow video

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Thumbnail image via Rego Korosi / Flickr, screenshot via Quartz