If you head over to Google Search and type in the name of a local business, followed by the keyword “phone,” you’ll now see a linked number at the top of the page. As Mayur Kamat explains on Google+, this shortcut lets you instantly call the company using Google Hangouts.

Screen Shot 2014 06 18 at 12.47.24 730x360 Google Search now lets you call businesses via Hangouts from your computer

It’s a small shortcut, but one that should appeal to devoted Google Voice users. Calls to businesses in the US and Canada are free, while dialling an international number will incur a small fee. Admittedly, this isn’t the most revolutionary feature, but it builds on the useful cards and Knowledge Graph tools already baked into Google’s incredibly popular search engine.

Mayar Kamat [via Google+]

Featured image credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images