Today Google announced that 13 12 more countries have access to Google Play’s five million books. So if your a Honduran fan of e-books and Android, you should start planning some quiet time for reading.

Screenshot 2014-06-19 11.15.04

Google posted an image of the flags of the countries with access to Google Play books. But if you’re not up on your geopolitics or vexillology (study of flags), here’s a list of which countries will be enjoying Game of Thrones via Google Play: Paraguay, Norway, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Netherlands, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, Honduras, Colombia and Dominican Republic.

Update: Google has told TNW that it mistakenly pushed the Google+ post about the addition of the 13 countries too soon. But it insists, “The launches are coming but not ready today.”

Update 2 (June 19): The services are now live in these countries, although there are 12 not 13 as Google originally announced.

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