Google Glass went on sale to anyone in the US this week, and Google is now has put focus on the wearable device’s appeal to travelers with a series of new apps.

‘Glassware’ — as the company refers to Glass apps — from TripIt, Foursquare and OpenTable are now available for owners of the Google device. That, the company hopes, will make the decision to shell out $1,500 for Glass an easier one for some folks.

glass travel pic

“Whether you’re trying to find your gate at the airport, the best coffee shop in Austin or a reservation for 2 in New York City, Glass has you covered,” the company said in a Google+ update.

We can think of far cheaper ways to stay connected while you travel — but if you already own Glass, or have decided that you must have it, then these new apps will be much welcome.

Thumbail image via Justin Sullivan / AFP / Getty Images