Google today updated Google Search for Android with a new shopping feature: a card that lets you know about stores nearby that carry products you’ve previously researched on Google. The company didn’t say how long it will remember which products you’ve searched for, or whether there is a limit to how many it will keep track of. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play.


As you can see above, the Google Now card shows you the product and its price to remind you that you were interested in it. All you have to do is physically go into the listed store and see if it’s in stock, though we wouldn’t be surprised if that information is added to Google Now one day as well. If it works as well as described, Google Now may one day ensure you only need to enter stores to buy what you’ve already researched, for a price you know in advance, and when you know it’s in stock.

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Image Credit: Kimhiro Hoshino/Getty Images