Google was scheduled to open the ‘lottery’ for tickets to its upcoming Google I/O event in the early hours of today — April 8 — but it has pushed the dates back to make things “even easier” for those wanting to attend. (Recap: Google changed things this year — attendees register their interest, a lucky few are chosen to get tickets.)

This last minute date change is almost certainly down to an issue somewhere, rather than simplification — as Android Police points out. Either way, now you’ll be able to register your interest between April 15-18, after which the attendees will be selected.

Here’s what the company says in full on its Google Developers account on Google+:

Update on Google I/O Registration Window — opening next week:

We’re still working to make the registration process even easier for you, and it will now be open four days starting next week (opening next Tuesday and closing Friday). After the registration window closes, applicants will randomly be selected and we’ll send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter. #googleio #io2014

Image via toprankblog/Flickr