Google acqui-hires ‘sounds as passwords’ startup SlickLogin

Google acqui-hires ‘sounds as passwords’ startup SlickLogin

slickloginSlickLogin, a startup that lets users use a sound emitted by their smartphone either as a replacement for a password or as an additional 2-factor security layer, has placed a notice on its website today saying that it’s been acquired by Google.

According to Geektime, the deal is worth “several million” and is an acqui-hire rather than a full product acquisition. It will be interesting to see how the Israel-based SlickLogin team’s ideas get rolled into Google products. Could we see Authenticator making noises in the future?

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Update: We have confirmed that SlickLogin’s team of three has joined Google in an acqui-hire deal and will be working from its Israeli R&D center. Given that the startup is mere months old with no external funding, it seems likely that Geektime’s report of a low valuation is correct. There’s no word on whether Google plans to implement sound-based 2-factor authentication but it’s our understanding that the team will be working on innovative security solutions as part of the company’s growing Israeli presence.

➀ Google acquires Israeli security startup SlickLogin [Geektime]

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