HiraganaDomain names tend to be predictable — more than half of all website addresses end with .com, while other common ones include .net, .org and .gov.

Google is, however, bringing more diversity as it announced that starting today, you can register for a domain name using  .みんな (minna, “mee-n-nuh”), the first open top-level domain in hiragana, a type of Japanese character. It is the first general top-level domain, or gTLD, that the Internet giant is able to offer — and it has teamed up with several registrar partners to do so.

“We hope that .みんな will make it easier for Japanese people and companies to create more recognizable website names that better suit their businesses or personalities and are easier to understand and remember in Japanese,” Google says.

➤ .みんな is now available for みんな (everyone) [Google Asia-Pacific Blog]

Image via Gerald Ford / Flickr, thumbnail image via Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images