Google is wooing developers for Google Glass at a hackathon this month

Google is wooing developers for Google Glass at a hackathon this month

There may be several alternative app listings for Google Glass enthusiasts, but options for developers have been limited considering they didn’t have access to all the necessary tools to design a native Glass experience. That is about to change though, as Google is now wooing developers to create and market purpose-built apps for Google Glass.

The Verge reports that Google has invited developers to a two-day hackathon in San Francisco later this month, where the company will showcase its Glassware Development Kit for developers to try out, and elaborate on its future plans. The Verge didn’t specify the date of the hackathon, but Engadget says it will start on November 19.

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Google has been updating Google Glass before the release of the device to its Explorer program later this year, and an official accessory store quietly came online at the end of last month — all which hint that Google is speeding up its efforts to make Google Glass available to the wider public.

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