countdownGoogle is trialing an interesting new service in Jakarta, Indonesia, where WiFi Passport, an Android app that includes access to a variety of WiFi hotspots, has been spotted.

It’s not easy to get speedy, reliable Internet access in cities like Jakarta so WiFi is a popular option — with even carriers offering access points. Google and partner MOGPlay have set up a range of hotspots which WiFi Passport users can access directly from the app, with no need for repeat passwords/log-in.

The service is free for an initial 10 days, thereafter it costs 20,000 IDR (under-$2) for 20 days and 50,000 IDR (under-$5) for 50 days.

We can see how this would be attractive in emerging markets, but for now the trial appears limited to Jakarta.

➤ WiFi Passport [Google] Via Google Operating System

Thumbnail image via littleny / Shutterstock