Update: Android Central has spotted that international shipping is no longer available for Chromecast on Amazon.com. We just tried it ourselves and can verify that deliveries to the UK are no longer available. Orders that were submitted before now, however, should still go through.

Google’s compact Chromecast streaming dongle still isn’t available outside of the US – at least from the Google Play store – but Amazon is now offering international shipping options to help plug the gap.

Spotted by Engadget (via Android Central), you can head over to the product page on Amazon.com right now and snap up a unit. Reports suggest that orders can be placed in the UK, Hong Kong and Germany; the full extent of the shipping isn’t known, so regardless of your location it’s worth trying your luck.

You’ll need to pay the appropriate shipping and import fees, but until Google decides to offer the Chromecast globally, this is the safest (and probably cheapest) way to buy one of these little beauties.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images