YouTube is making it easier for content creators to bring in videos from other channels through playlists into their own. The company wants to help creators share their work and is enabling cross-promotion capabilities, not from a one-to-one standpoint, but one-to-many channels.


Channel owners that want to be the “end all, be all” for content relating to that topic, can now aggregate videos from competitors and partners. With this new offering, creators simply create a new section from a playlist and insert the URL for the content they wish to add to their channel. From there, the respective content creator’s avatar will appear alongside the playlist so viewers will know that you didn’t create it.

YouTube’s channel hovercards are also being implemented, which is similar to Twitter’s @anywhere feature whereby you mouse over a video and it will display a card of information.

Content creators can also now curate multiple channels to help make them the de facto source for all things fantasy, science fiction, cooking, dancing, or whatever speciality they’re interested in. YouTube touts that network channels like the CW, HBO, and The Young Turks are already exploiting this feature, which is smart — now they have a central page and can offer playlists to their various show channels.


Photo credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images