Hot on the heels of seminal punk band The Clash announcing it was releasing a boxset of remastered albums among other gems, Google has announced that it has been working with the band on a five-part documentary about the Clash, covering the recording and reception of each of their studio albums.

The Internet giant managed to garner a slew of unseen footage of the now-deceased lyricist, guitarist and vocalist Joe Strummer, while Google also interviewed the remaining members.

This isn’t the first time Google has worked with iconic rock bands – last year it made a mini documentary on the Rolling Stones too. And it’s interesting to see the company pushing both ‘Google Play’ as the production brand and YouTube as a destination for original content.

The new Clash documentary is embedded below, and you can watch ‘Audio Ammunition’ in full on the Google Play YoutTube channel.

Google | Audio Ammunition [The Clash]