Google today announced the latest monthly update (XE9) to its Glass project, adding new features for the lucky few that got the devices before their initial release next year. The new additions include vignettes (a photo plus whatever is currently on your display), YouTube videos in search results, and sound search.

Vignettes are arguably the most interesting part of this month’s update. Glass users can now tap and select “Make vignette” after they take a picture to capture what exactly they were doing on the device in the moment the photo was taken.

Google has shared an album with nine examples of the feature in action, but the last one probably explains it best:


The other two changes are much more straightforward. YouTube videos now show up in search results and sound search is a go.

The former means when you perform a search, some YouTube videos may be surfaced and you can watch them right there and there. You can also tap to play and pause, swipe forward to fast forward, and backward to rewind.

As for sound search, when you hear a song you like and you want to know what it is, all you have to do is long press on the touchpad, swipe forward, and Glass will give you the title and artist. Alternatively, you can also long press on the touchpad and ask “What song is this?”

Last but certainly not least, Google has started building and testing Glass with Google Apps accounts. Google says some services (like email) are working already, and you can try it out yourself by factory resetting your device and signing in with your Google Apps account.

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Top Image Credit: Kimihiro Hoshino/Getty Images