Google has updated its Search app for Android with a bunch of changes to its personal assistant-like Google Now service, which is getting cards for car rentals and commute sharing, as well as improvements to the existing public transport card to help commuters catch their train or bus.

There’s a multimedia push on top of the transportation focus, and a new “remind me” button pops up in search results to place reminders on upcoming new music albums, book or TV show episodes. For live events and concerts, Google Now has a card to prepare the resources and tickets required.


Google now is also getting smarter at watching listening to the news. It can provide ‘second screen’ information behind the programming (and even the music) that you see on TV — that’s in addition to more standard information about programs and people within them. Smart TV owners just tap the mic and say “listen to TV” to kick things off.

Finally, Google Now is getting real-time scores for the upcoming NCAA football season, helping surface updates from games involving a user’s favorite team.

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Headline image via toprankblog / Flickr