Glass, Google’s futuristic, wearable tech initiative, has received constant attention since its debut, but the product is still shrouded in mystery. A majority of us have never laid hand on Google’s Glass, and so it’s likely you’re still wondering “what is it like to actually wear them?” and “are they even practical?”

Now, Google has released a new tutorial that gives the rest of us a peek behind the lens:

So who can use Glass today? Aside from a few lucky insiders, like Robert Scoble (who says he is “never going to live another day without a wearable computer on [his] face”), Google’s Eric Schmidt recently shared that the 2,000 or so attendees from last year’s I/O conference will soon receive them in the mail.

Sure, the masses may never be able to use Glass in its current, early-stage form, but Sci-Fi inspired tech like this is tough to ignore.

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